NEIL ARMSTRONG: A Life of Flight

NEIL ARMSTRONG: A Life of Flight

JAY BARBREE    Book Number: 86976    Product format: Hardback

When Yuri Gagarin made the first human space flight in 1961, the US programme was rubbished in the press for failing to beat the Russians. Some Americans wanted to quit gracefully, but John F. Kennedy rose to the challenge and poured more resources into NASA. The Russians were making bigger spacecraft but Kennedy saw that a trend to reduce the size of nuclear warheads could be replicated in the production of space rockets. Meanwhile the young test pilot Neil Armstrong decided to become a cosmonaut. Jay Barbree is America's premier space correspondent who has covered every US astronaut flight and was a close friend of Armstrong. He reconstructs dialogue on the basis of their conversations and presents a convincing narrative of the events leading up to the moon landings and beyond. Barbree presents a powerful account of Armstrong's motivation: his daughter Karen's death from a brain tumour in 1962, and the near-tragedy for his other two children when their house caught fire two years later, gave Armstrong a drive to push back the boundaries of science. On 20 July, 1969, Armstrong was simply the best pilot to land the lunar module Eagle on the Moon. Billions of people were watching their televisions as he reported to Mission Control: "The Eagle has wings?". When the computers showed overload and the Eagle overshot its landing point by four miles, all Armstrong's skills were tested as he brought it to land on rocky terrain with fast-diminishing fuel. A gripping read. 362pp, black and white photos.
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Interesting & informative
from Anonymous on 13/05/2020
Bought for my husband who is interested in space and aeronautics. He was delighted with this book as he has been a 'fan' of Neil Armstrong since watching the moon landing as a small boy. It was, he told me, both an interesting and informative read.