MARILYN MONROE: The Private Life of a Public Icon

MARILYN MONROE: The Private Life of a Public Icon

CHARLES CASILLO    Book Number: 86973    Product format: Hardback

Neglected and abused as a child, the troubled Norma Jeane Baker was an unlikely candidate to become Marilyn Monroe, one of the great icons of the 20th century. Her death by overdose in 1962 did not come as a surprise to those who knew her intimately, though the circumstances have always been shrouded in mystery. The FBI moved in swiftly to eliminate her phone records and anything else that might implicate John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, the presidential brothers who were among her many lovers. Nor has it been revealed whether Robert actually visited her on the day of her death, something he determinedly denied in the face of compelling evidence. Spotted while still in her teens by a photographer at a base where her naval husband was stationed, Norma Jeane became Marilyn Monroe when she went to Hollywood. Contrary to popular myth, Marilyn could act and she also had a business head on her shoulders, negotiating director approval over some of her films. Fixing a deal to appear in Laurence Olivier's The Prince and the Showgirl was a big coup, and when her marriage to baseball icon Joe DiMaggio foundered she became involved with the intellectual Pulitzer-winning playwright Arthur Miller, who she was convinced was interested in her mind and personality as well as her incomparable body. This brilliantly researched, intimate biography shows the real Marilyn below the layers of glamour and takes the lid off many myths; contrary to legend, her female co-stars such as Jane Russell and Lauren Bacall understood her vulnerability, and Elizabeth Taylor offered help when Marilyn was dropped by Fox Movies. 360pp, black and white photos. Small remainder mark.
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from Anonymous on 13/10/2020
My niece is a great fan of Marilyn and I bought the book for her, as the price was very good I also got a copy for myself. I thoroughly enjoyed reading of Marilyn's life and felt I knew her a little when I had read it. Well written and a thoroughly good read