IPHONE FOR SENIORS: Covers iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+

IPHONE FOR SENIORS: Covers iOS 8, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+

NICK VANDOME    Book Number: 86946    Product format: Paperback

Written in plain English with easy-to-follow instructions and fully illustrated in colour with tips and screen shots. Learn the nuts and bolts of your fantastic computer in the palm of your hand and how to navigate and zoom round the display. Use Siri, the Artificial Intelligence encyclopaedia to find things. Use the spotlight to search, or the ear pods to listen to music. Find out all about iCloud, using family sharing and linking it all up. Calls and contacts, setting ringtones, typing and texts including predictive text, editing, voice typing, text messages, sending audio clips, photos and videos and managing messages. Go browsing online and use tabs in Safari, have a video chat and add social networking and Twitter updates. Find out about apps and how to download and update them, stay healthy with a health app and relax in the iTunes store to search for music, buy items online, reading, shopping and researching. Out and about, find locations, get directions, book a trip, hotels and flights and even speak the language with the automatic translators. Finally there is the brilliant camera and here's how to edit and share your photos. Also looks at accessibility, setting restrictions for youngsters if they get hold of your phone and avoiding viruses. Special little fun icons make you remember highlights and indicate new or changed features. 192pp in large softback, colour illus.
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ISBN 9781840786385
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from Anonymous on 17/04/2020
At last a Book about the I-Phone I could actually understand and follow without undue difficulty. I am in my 70's and totally ignorant when it comes to both Computers and Smart Phones!!.