PROTESTANTS: The Faith That Made the Modern World

PROTESTANTS: The Faith That Made the Modern World

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From the gates of Wittenberg to the streets of Seoul, Ryrie has 'a gift for showing how the history of religion is the history of people.' 500 years ago a rather stubborn German monk challenged the authority of the Pope with a radical new vision of what Christianity could be. The revolution he unwittingly set in motion has toppled governments, upended social norms, and transformed millions of people's understanding of their relationship with God. The world we live in was indelibly shaped by Protestants. Here Ryrie introduces us to the men and women who defined this quarrelsome faith. Some turned to their newly accessible bibles to justify bold acts of political opposition; others to support a new understanding of how they should live. Protestantism is a religion of progress, but also surprisingly flexible. Its enduring radicalism comes from its willingness to question every form of authority and tradition including its own, from free speech to limited government. Protestants created America and defined its special brand of entrepreneurial diligence. Chapters include Luther and the Fanatics, Protectors and Tyrants, The Failure of Calvinism, Heretics, Martyrs and Witches, The British Maelstrom, The Ordeals of Liberalism, Two Kingdoms in the Third Reich, Redeeming South Africa and Chinese Protestantism's Long March. It looks in depth at Moravian riders, methodism, and the Pentecostal experience. "Rarely has an author of such deep faith offered such a tolerant, engaging history of any religion." - Kirkus Reviews (starred). 513pp. Remainder mark.
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