WEST'S WORLD: The Extraordinary Life of Dame Rebecca West

WEST'S WORLD: The Extraordinary Life of Dame Rebecca West

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Dame Rebecca West was a woman of surprising contradictions - socialist, defender of women's suffrage, a disciple of St Augustine and lover of H. G. Wells, successful novelist and astute, prophetic chronicler of the Near East. She engaged passionately with the events of almost a century and was showered with rewards and tributes for her novels and journalism yet sadly her writing could not be categorised. Her success also brought domestic disharmony and familial disagreements became very public. Her diary entries and notebooks present something more than a picture from a lost age. She was born Cicely Isabel Fairfield in 1892. For her son, she was Panther, for one of her lovers Tommy she was a Firefly, and to her husband, Henry Andrews she was both Cicely Andrews and Rebecca. The different names reflect different aspects of her personality. It was as a budding actress that she changed her name to that of the feminist heroine in Ibsen's play Rosmersholm. Best remembered for her classic account of pre-war Yugoslavia 'Black Lamb, Grey Falcon', West was a towering figure in the British landscape and Lorna Gibb provides a brisk and affectionate biography. Your jaw drops on every page at the disasters, enmities and discomforts. Here are the seances, complaints in letters, referring her son Anthony to a psychiatrist and meeting with royalty like Queen Marie, the exiled mother of King Peter II, the last King of Yugoslavia. Brimming with details. 320pp in paperback, 32 photos and drawings.
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