EMPIRE'S CROSSROADS: A New History of the Caribbean

EMPIRE'S CROSSROADS: A New History of the Caribbean

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From Cuba to Haiti, from Dominica to Martinique, from Jamaica to Trinidad, here are the stories of fortune seekers and pirates, scientists and servants, travellers and tourists, and images of violence against pure azure skies and blue waters in this actioned-packed history. The credit for making the diverse islands of the West Indies that they are today lies with the people - the surviving American Indians, the large number of Africans, the smattering of Europeans and later the people born and raised in the Caribbean, the 'Creoles'. This is reflected by a diversity throughout the islands' music, food, art, dance and other cultural forms and also paradoxically between the shared history of that diversity. More than 500 years of European rule in Caribbean waters cannot be washed away but if this is not simply a tale of African slaves but a wider global story that stretches from the US to China. The Spanish, British, French or Dutch brought destruction, disorder and chaos, built roads and set up bureaucracies and maintained a semblance of control through the repression and uprising. Adaptation to diaspora, disease, slavery, racism, earthquakes, poverty and tourism was the response to an exhausting series of events. The second part of the book's title 'Crossroads' references the connections and crossings, such as the planter's daughter from Martinique who married the self-proclaimed Emperor of France, Napoleon. The shipping lanes moved silks from China to Panama to Spain and onwards and people, escaping the living hell of enslavement. The sea was also the bringer of goods and the Caribbean was both factory and marketplace where fortunes were made and lost growing sugar and other crops. 34 illustrations and two maps, including the Four Voyages of Columbus. 447pp in paperback, colour.
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