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Sub-titled 'How A Generation of Silicon Valley Upstarts Invented The Future' here is a fascinating book at a time when five of the most valuable companies on the planet are high-tech firms. The book reveals the untold story of how we got here and how these troublemakers re-wrote the rules and invented the future. In the space of only seven years and 35 miles, five major industries - personal computing, video gaming, biotechnology, modern venture capital and advanced semiconductor logic were born. This is the gripping tale of seven exceptional men and women, pioneers of Silicon Valley in the 1970s and early 1980s, and how they worked across industries and companies to bring technology from the Pentagon offices and university laboratories to the rest of us. Historian Leslie Berlin introduces the people and stories behind the birth of the Internet and the microprocessor as well as Apple, Atari, Genentech, Xerox, PARC, ROLM, ASK and the iconic venture capital forms Sequoia Capital and Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers. Among the innovators are Steve Jobs and Mike Markkula, the under-appreciated Chairman of Apple who owned one third of the company; Bob Taylor who masterminded the personal computer; software entrepreneur Sandra Kurtzig, the first woman to take a technology company public; Alcorn, the Atari engineer behind the first wildly successful video game; Fawn Alvarez who rose from an assembler on a factory line to the executive suite, and Niels Reimers, the man who changed how university innovations reached the public. 494pp in softback, illus and colour photos.
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