LIVING THE COLD WAR: Memoirs of a British Diplomat

LIVING THE COLD WAR: Memoirs of a British Diplomat

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Sir Christopher Mallaby joined the UK Diplomatic Service from Cambridge University in 1959 and was British Ambassador to Germany 1988-92 and to France 1993-96. Diplomacy is an art form, and Mallaby is a master of it. He has lived history and been a key insider at crucial events in the Cold War and its aftermath and now gives new, very personal insights into the dramas of the East-West confrontations. From the Cuban Missile Crisis to German Unification, he also writes with restrained passion about his family. Mallaby held different views from the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and saw German Unification as the key to ending the Cold War with a peaceful victory with the liberation of millions in the Eastern and central Europe from Soviet control. She disliked the Germans and opposed Unification. Mallaby writes vividly of many other people, places and events. He and his wife were a young couple in Moscow during the Cuba crisis and knew they might be destroyed by American nuclear weapons. He explains why Khrushchev took such a huge risk and why he yielded to President Kennedy. He also describes the work of diplomats and leaders on many other fronts from dealing with the threat of the Soviet Union to Britain's attempt to persuade Argentina to withdraw peacefully from the Falklands. Also the KGB's harassment of diplomats in Moscow and the fascination of his time as Ambassador in France, mixing amusing incidents with an insider's insight on crucial world events. 288pp, 16 pages of colour and mono photos.
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