GLOBE: Life In Shakespeare's London

GLOBE: Life In Shakespeare's London

CATHARINE ARNOLD    Book Number: 86758    Product format: Hardback

From Hamlet Act 1, "Remember thee? Ay, thou poor ghost, while memory holds a seat in this distracted Globe." William Shakespeare's life was inextricably linked with the history of London. Together the great writer and the great city came of age and confronted tragedy and triumph. Our book takes the reader on a tour of London through Shakespeare's life and work telling how acting came of age. We learn about James Burbage, founder of the original Theatre in Shoreditch, who carried timbers across the Thames to build the Globe among the bear-gardens and brothels of Bankside in 1559. Read about a performance of King Henry VIII by Shakespeare's own Company, the Chamberlain's Men, under the patronage of the Queen herself, and of the terrible night in 1613 when the theatre's thatched roof caught fire. Rebuilt, the Globe continued to stand as a monument to Shakespeare's genius until 1642, when it was destroyed on the orders of Oliver Cromwell. Finally we learn how 300 years later Shakespeare's Globe reopened once more upon Bankside, like a phoenix from the flames. Read too about fellow playwright Christopher Marlowe and actor Gabriel Spenser, the disgraced Earl of Essex and Guido Fawkes. Between the years 1576 and 1642, the year Parliament banned the staging of plays, theatre became England's principal art form and Shakespeare its foremost exponent with notable rivals Marlowe, Ben Jonson, Beaumont and Fletcher, John Webster and Thomas Middleton. Chapters explore how acting came of age as a trade during the 1570s and 1580s with touring players. Well told history, 312pp.
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