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Over 120 delicious recipes for game, meat and fish written by the lady who provided monthly recipes for Sporting Gun's 'Sportsman's Kitchen' for nearly four years. It can be a daunting prospect to deal with six brace of pheasant, a dozen pigeons or a bagful of trout, but with high meat and fish prices, food that is full of flavour and additive free is a welcome bonus and should not be wasted. Provided that they are young, joints of rabbit, grouse, pheasant or partridge can all be successfully barbecued. Game dishes can also be successfully prepared in the microwave although the oven makes a roasted bird look more appetising and a good old-fashioned jugged hare needs long slow cooking to tenderise the meat and allow the rich full flavour to develop. If doctors have advised a low-fat diet, then game is ideal as it has very little natural fat. Since the first edition of this book was published in 1986 there has been a second edition in 1993 and now this revised edition 2013, published by David & Charles. Beginning, quite naturally, with Entrée, the book also covers snipe and woodcock, duck, wild goose, wood pigeon, rabbit, hare, venison, soup and game pies, trout and salmon plus accompaniments like Game Chips, Elderberry or Crab Apple Jelly, Orange Gravy, Green Mayonnaise, Crunchy Nut Salad and Red and White Slaw. For each section, for example Venison, there is a beautiful colour drawing and an explanation of the name given to the meat, in this case of any deer - roe, red, fallow and sicka being the species most commonly available in Britain. There are also line art drawings and colour coordinated page edges. 25 new game recipes from Pheasant Fajitas and Thai Trout Cakes to Louisiana Duck Gumbo and Pigeon Stir Fry. 192 glossy white pages.
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