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Sub-titled 'The Strangest, Least Successful and Most Audacious Financial Follies, Plans and Crazies of All Time'. When it comes to Brexit, the vast majority of economists warned the public in increasingly doom-laden tones, that a vote for Britain to leave the EU would lead to a sudden and sharp financial decline. Some economists and financial institutions have since June 2016 recalibrated their models for post-Brexit Britain, and now claim that our destruction will come in a drip-drip fashion rather than a Wall Street Crash. In January 2016, giant global investment bank Morgan Stanley admitted that they were 'eating humble pie' after forecasting an immediate nosedive in the post-referendum British economy. Financial experts had somehow failed to foresee that the Bank of England would step in to try and stabilise the markets. Most of this book deals with economic and monetary ideas which are so insane as to make the idea the Halloween has saved Britain from penury sound positively mainstream. The appeal of many economic notions is primarily logical but more emotional, moral, quasi-religious or ideological in nature. The book opens with Ezra Pound, Vegetable-Money, Social Credit and other great follies of the Great Depression, Jewish Hell Bankers "manufacturing gold from thin air via black magic". We take a look at Buddhist economics, the economy of Eden, talking high finance with the ghost of Mrs Thatcher. Taxing credulity - Gabriel Green and the interplanetary campaign to abolish Income Tax, Hugo Chávez and the economic murder of Venezuela and the 'Rational Markets hypothesis' which purports to formally 'prove' that the Invisible Hand of the Market works in an almost supernaturally logical and judicious fashion. It was designed to make a killing on the stock market. Did you know share prices did 24.8% better on sunny days than they did on cloudy days? How can eating haunted paintings improve the Russian economy? What are the hidden relations between gravity and share prices? 320pp in well illustrated large softback.
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from Anonymous on 03/12/2019
Fascinating if slightly odd volume. Displays an eclectic grasp of economic history and an eccentric interpretation of it, but worth reading for its interesting - if debatable - interpretations.