THE APPOINTMENT: What Your Doctor Really Thinks

THE APPOINTMENT: What Your Doctor Really Thinks

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The 10-minute GP appointment is often a game of cat and mouse in which both parties are trying to work out what the other is thinking. This fascinating log of a GP's 18 consultations between 7.30 and 11am one morning covers a range of conditions and their treatment, including chest pain, rectal bleeding, plantar fasciitis, suicidal depression, headaches, skin rash and bronchiolitis. In one case the doctor has to give the bad news that a patient may have prostate cancer, and he prepares for this by drawing on a training session with psychiatrist Colin Murray-Parks, a far cry from the consultants of the past who broke the news "as if they were telling patient what was for lunch". By the time he sees Mrs JI at 8.52 he is running 22 minutes late and has to cover her cocktail of HRT, asthma, ear wax, a mole, blood pressure and her son's depression. He manages to reassure her and finally to break eye contact in order to terminate the consultation. Mr NA has raised cholesterol and high blood pressure, but is reluctant to take statins and for the present will try to control his symptoms by changing his diet. Ms AF has a sore throat but the condition is not acute and the doctor senses an element of confrontation. He prescribes antibiotics to be taken if the condition is not better in 48 hours. A fascinating read that will help you negotiate that tricky consultation. 322pp, paperback.
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