SAS NAZI HUNTERS: The Ultra-Secret Unit

SAS NAZI HUNTERS: The Ultra-Secret Unit

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The wartime SAS was disbanded in 1945 - or was it? One of the élite regiment's last missions was the August 1944 drop into the Vosges mountains, tasked with wreaking havoc on Hitler's vulnerable west border with France. The advance unit was led by Captain Henry Druce, who as an SOE officer had escaped from the Gestapo and gone on the run in these very mountains less than a year previously. His team or "stick" included notable characters such as Captain John Hislop, a champion jockey who moved in aristocratic racing circles. Weather conditions were poor, the advance party found themselves surrounded by German troops and Major Peter Power and his large consignment of ammunition and supplies were dropped in the wrong place. Confusion reigned as Druce and his men took refuge in the village of Moussey, hidden by the local Maquis. Operation Loyton then moved up to a new level with a parachute drop of a consignment of jeeps, but at the end of the war 31 men and women were missing. The liberation of the Natzweiler concentration camp told a grisly story of inhumane torture, and after the disbanding of the SAS a highly secret unit led by Prince Yuri Galatzine returned to Germany to hunt down the murderers, including the brutal Oberwachtmeister Neuschwanger. Helped by the interrogation skills of Major Bill Barkworth, the unit was finally avenged with death sentences for the worst torturers. 424pp, paperback, maps, black and white photos.
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