BRING IT ON HOME: Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin and Beyond:

BRING IT ON HOME: Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin and Beyond:

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Working as a bouncer in London's theatreland, the mountainous and moustachioed Peter Grant was a doorman at the club where Christine Keeler worked as a showgirl, and for a time he strong-armed for the notorious slum landlord Rachman, who was one of Keeler's lovers. When Grant finally found his niche as a rock manager, he developed a deserved reputation for wielding an iron fist, cutting his teeth with the hellraiser Gene Vincent, who bizarrely taught Sharon Osbourne to swim - one of the many fascinating details in this biography that draws on 100 interviews with those who knew Grant. It was with Vincent that Grant witnessed his first vandalised hotel room, a pattern that later became routine in the Led Zeppelin years. No conservative, Grant violently let rip at some Ku Klux Klansmen who drew alongside his vehicle, and he later challenged the hotel manager who refused entry to the Animals' black roadie. When the Yardbirds fell apart, Grant put his money and his faith in Jimmy Page and the phenomenal drummer John Bonham. It was Keith Moon who coined the name Led Zeppelin, and the Bath Festival of 1970 was the turning point which precipitated them to the top of Melody Maker's poll, the first time in eight years the Beatles failed to make number one. The group had arrived, but while the steely Grant made musical history by ensuring the band got the bulk of the profits, his cocaine addition took its toll. 290pp, paperback, black and white photos.
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