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Rock-hard abs are not a goal of yoga which for every age gives strength and balance in the body. The anatomy for 60 poses are detailed for you to colour in. Anatomical labels help facilitate learning and memorisation of this incredibly important overview of the terms and functions of the body. There are fun facts about anatomy and practice tips for yogis as the book focusses on key bones, joints and muscles. When you have aches inside your hips and lower spine, would you know exactly where your iliacus and psoas are? How the pelvis relates to the Adductor brevis magus and longus on the inner thigh? Where the TFL is down the side of the hip, and what happens where the femur meets the tibia? This extraordinary new full price book is a special import from Barnes & Noble USA. It is a visual guide to form, function and movement. Each yoga Asana is shown in diagrammatical line art form and labelled showing exactly what is happening to, for example, your diaphragm, ribs, central tendon, lumbar spine and xiphoid process when you are sitting cross-legged. All of the ligaments, muscles and bones as you are standing in Warrior 1 pose, squaring those hips to face forward as much as possible and keeping them stable. How extraordinary the human body is that it can do this. The transverse abdominis can be your best friend here, sending your tailbone down towards the earth. There are 32 perforated and detachable cards at the back for you to study anatomy and colour in while out and about. On the reverse are explanations of the labels. One card refers to joints and see how many you can name. A brilliant way to test yourself in the fun and creative way to learn anatomy whether you practise yoga or not. 120pp in very large softback. New full price import from Barnes & Noble USA.
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