TESLA: The Wizard of Electricity

TESLA: The Wizard of Electricity

DAVID J. KENT    Book Number: 86609    Product format: Hardback

Visionary, inventor, genius and rebel, who was Nikola Tesla? Popular science writer David Kent reveals the life, drama and mystery surrounding this romantic figure. Tesla (1856-1943) created numerous ground-breaking and world-changing inventions and dazzled visitors at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair with an amazing and never-before-seen electric light display. Other incredible inventions were the alternating current system, the basis for today's electrical grid and wireless communication. Here are his claims of grandiose inventions from interplanetary communication to death rays, and the war of the electric currents fought by Tesla against arch-rival Thomas Edison. Plus also his passion for fine clothes, gambling and high society and his strange eccentricities and afflictions. Tesla would today be largely forgotten as more business-savvy rivals were credited with his remarkable breakthroughs, but after his death he found renewed fame as the subject of many conspiracy theories. The book is a heavily illustrated biography with many rarely seen photos of his electrical oscillator, demonstrating his apparatus in 1916, all about the wireless, his influence on fiction and on page 171 an incredible shadow graph of a human foot made by Tesla in 1896 with x-rays generated by his vacuum tube. And all about radar, intentional death by electrocution and much more. With timeline, decorated endpapers and a silver effect jacket, a beautiful new full price publication. 248pp.
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