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'Henry VIII, Francis I, Charles V, Suleiman The Magnificent and the Obsessions That Forged Modern Europe' is the sub-title of this gripping and flamboyant history by the Oxford popular historian. Never before had the world seen four such giants coexisting. Sometimes friends, more often enemies, always rivals, these four men together held Europe in the hollow of their hands. Here is a bold tapestry of Europe and the Middle East in the early 16th century. Francis I of France was the personification of the Renaissance, and a highly influential patron of the arts and education. Henry VIII who was not expected to inherit the throne embraced the role with gusto, and broke with the Roman Catholic church to appoint himself head of the Church of England. Charles V was the most powerful industrious man of the time and was unanimously elected Holy Roman Emperor. Suleiman The Magnificent, who stood apart as a Muslim, brought the Ottoman Empire to its apogee of political, military and economic power. Collectively these four men shaped the culture, religion, and politics of their respective domains as we learn more detail in this fascinating quadruple biography of the greatest monarchs of the Renaissance. From the Field of the Cloth of Gold, a pageant of jousting, so lavish it nearly bankrupted both France and England, to Suleiman's celebrated pyramid of 2000 human heads including those of seven Hungarian bishops after the Battle of Mohács, from Anne Boleyn's six fingered hand (a potential sign of witchcraft), the cast of characters extends from Leonardo da Vinci to Barbarossa, Joanna the Mad to le roi grand-nez. Written by a true master of narrative history. 288pp, beautiful woodcut illustrations, map. 16 pages of colour images.
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