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Sub-titled 'The Fine Art of Horseshoeing and Wagon Making' here is the perfect guide to learning the timeless art of blacksmithing, or simply admiring the beautiful illustrations of the tools of the trade. From the heavy axle and tyre, smallest rivet in the wagon, bells and ornamental parts of the harness, crowbar and spade, pocket knife and broad axe, adz, divider, frying pan and locks, knives and forks, gun on the shoulder of the soldier and sabre in the hands of the officer, spurs and pistol for the commander, heavy anchor and chain for the ship, the weathervane for the church, to the artistic iron cross over graves - all were made by the smith. No wonder then that he was respected, admired for his skill, gentlemanly behaviour and good language. His stories and wit were the sole entertainment in many a social gathering and this book was designed as an effort to elevate the craft in an era now dominated by manufacturing by machinery. Known as a blacksmith, under his eyes was a half moon in black, both sides of his nose was a black stripe from his dirty but honourable work by the forge. Probably written at the turn of the last century and here presented in exquisite facsimile reprint, with original line art throughout the text, is a snapshot of a bygone era. Topics include setting up shop, building your own machinery, repairing horse hooves, fixing your tools, anatomy of the horse, bands and hoops, hints to horseshoers, how to repair broken cogs, to drill chilled cast iron, how to shoe a kicking horse, balance a pulley, run a lathe and a whole section on common ailments of the horse. Special import, 202pp in softback, illus.
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