ASIAN ABSENCES: Searching for Shangri-La

ASIAN ABSENCES: Searching for Shangri-La

WOLFGANG BÜSCHER    Book Number: 86505    Product format: Hardback

"We didn't have any specific plan, just an idea to drive from north to south, into a country full of gods." Translated from the German, this exquisite and collectable Haus first edition is a contemplative and lyrical narrative of a traveller. It is his sensory and spiritual journey which takes him from Copenhagen to Eastern Asia. En route, he passes through a feverish India and an abandoned hospital for lepers, undertakes an hallucinogenic mountain pilgrimage with shamans in Kathmandu, embarks on an industrial oil tanker to Singapore and examines the 'beautifully odd' curiosities of Tokyo's metropolis, before arriving at his final destination, the elusive and mythical Tibetan city of Shangri-La. After banking over the ruins of Angkor in a light aircraft, he returns to his hotel. "Bang! A shot. I tore the door open. My neighbour was standing there and laughing too; only the girl in the Khmer dress wasn't laughing. He had shot the Buddha straight through the forehead. I went over and touched the spot, the edge of the bullet hole was still warm and, even more surprisingly, a draught of cool air was streaming out of it, so welcome in the humid, mosquito-ridden night." Features writer for the German daily newspaper Die Welt, Büscher captures the conflicting emotional and intellectual responses of a stranger in exotic lands and the threating otherness of unfamiliar cultures which repeatedly challenge assumptions about the East. A troubling and beautiful journey in safe hands. 196pp.
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