OSTEND: Stefan Zweig, Joseph Roth

OSTEND: Stefan Zweig, Joseph Roth

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Capturing beautifully the feeling of departure, here is a meeting of the crème de la crème of exiled German writers during a summer of farewells. It is the summer of 1936 and the writer Stefan Zweig is in crisis. His German publisher no longer wants him, his marriage is collapsing, and his house in Austria, searched by the police two years earlier, no longer feels like home. He's dreaming of Ostend, the Belgian beach town that is a paradise of promenades, parasols and old friends. So he journeys there with his secretary and lover Lotte Altmann and reunites with fellow writer and semi-estranged close friend Joseph Roth, who is about to fall in love himself. The two meet at a bistro every summer afternoon. For a moment they create a fragile heaven, but as Europe begins to crumble around them, the writers find themselves trapped on vacation, in exile, watching the world burn. Weidermann lyrically recounts this world of detractors, fighters, cynics and drinkers and silent onlookers wracking their brains about what they can do to change the world's trajectory and go home to the countries they came from. For now they are refugees in holiday land - the apparently ever-cheerful Hermann Kesten, the preacher Egon Erwin Kisch, the bear Willi Muenzenberg, the champagne queen Irmgard Keun, the great swimmer Ernst Toller, the strategist Arthur Koestler - friends, foes, storytellers thrown together overlooking the beach in July by the vagaries of world politics. The stories they tell will be the fragments shored against their ruin. Zweig looks on with a mixture of pity, reticence and pleasure in this original true story by one of the 20th century's great writers. Written with a novelist's eye for pacing, chronology and language, and here expertly translated into English. 164pp, remainder mark.
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