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Sub-titled 'Charles Lindbergh's Daring and Immortal 1927 Transatlantic Crossing' this book is written by 'one of the most decorated pilots in Air Force history' - New York Post. It is a unique in-the-cockpit account of Lindbergh's death-defying nonstop crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in The Spirit of St Louis. It was an achievement that brought the world to a halt in May 1927 and made Lindbergh the most celebrated man of his time. He climbed into his single-engine monoplane and prepared to take off from a small airfield on Long Island, New York. The 25 year old Lindbergh had never before flown over open water, and was determined to win the $25,000 Orteig Prize promised since 1919 to the first pilot to fly nonstop between New York and Paris. It was a terrifying adventure that had already claimed six men's lives, and ahead of him lay a 3,600 mile solo journey. His survival rested on his skill, courage and an unassuming little aircraft with no front window. Only 500 people showed up to see him off. 33½ hours later, a crowd of more than 100,000 mobbed The Spirit as the audacious young American touched down in Paris. Overnight, as he navigated by the stars through storms and across the featureless ocean, news of his attempt had circled the globe, making him an international celebrity by the time he reached Europe. He returned to the United States a national hero and received the Medal of Honor and Time Magazine's Man of the Year (the first to be so named) and was commemorated on a US postage stamp within months. Here an acclaimed aviation historian, a decorated fighter pilot who flew more than 150 combat missions in an F-16, Hampton draws on his unique perspective to bring alive the danger and uncertainty of Lindbergh's heroic accomplishment. He has used Lindbergh's personal diary and writings as well as family letters and untapped aviation archives to tell this legendary story as never before. 316 roughcut pages, highly desirable in the US, apologies for small remainder mark. 16 pages of photos.
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