BLOOD AND SAND: Suez, Hungary

BLOOD AND SAND: Suez, Hungary

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March 1956 at the Savoy Hotel in London. Anthony Nutting, as part of his ministerial duties at the British Foreign Office, had completed a plan for the United Nations police force takeover of British military positions on Israel's border. At the same time, Britain would increase military and economic aid to its Arab Allies. Over 16 extraordinary days in October and November, the twin crises of Suez and Hungary pushed the world to the brink of a nuclear conflict and World War Three. This special book relates this story hour by hour through an international cast of characters - Anthony Eden, the British Prime Minister caught in a trap of his own making; Gamal Abdel Nasser, the bold young populist leader of Egypt; David Ben-Gurion, the strong-willed founding Prime Minister of Israel; Guy Mollet, the bellicose French Prime Minister, and Dwight D. Eisenhower, the American President, torn between an old world order and a new one in the very same week that his own fate as President was to be decided by the American people. The book sets both crises in the context of the global Cold War, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the treacherous power politics of imperialism and oil. First rate scholarship, it is a fascinating tale of plots and conspiracies, deception and double dealing, bullying and blundering with repercussions that face the world today with the state of the Modern Middle East and Europe. 534pp, photos and maps. Remainder mark and deliberate fanned design on the jacket.
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