LIKE US: Encounters With Primates

LIKE US: Encounters With Primates

THOMAS MARENT & F. JANTSCHKE    Book Number: 86450    Product format: Hardback

'Only if we help shall they be saved' wrote Jane Goodall, the young research scientist who was the first human to make contact with David Greybeard, the first chimpanzee to get close in a scientifically legitimate relationship. It was at the Gombe Stream National Park that she started research into wild great apes. 'Little Galahad looks at us with his large expressive eyes.' Fritz Jantschke, the author of this book, and her tutor Dr Louis Leakey at Cambridge University began to understand the personality and intelligence and emotions of these animals and their behaviour with scientific lay people. From the beginning of his career after his dissertation on the behaviour of orangutans, Fritz tried to publicise his knowledge about primates beyond the restrictive scientific communities to the wider public. Together with Thomas Marent, a member of the International League of Conservation Photographers, he has now published this remarkable book with amazing close up colour pictures of more than 130 species of primates that are rarely photographed in their natural habitats. Everywhere nature is under attack and we live in a time of massive extinction. From the deepest Amazon rainforest to the thorn-studded dry forest of Madagascar, and to the mountains of China and Ethiopia, here are the monkeys of the world, their bloody feuds, their boisterous chants and their secret liaisons. Here are the big leaps and cuddles of the black and white Propithecus coronatus of Northwest Madagascar with their pale eyes and Crown sifakas. Penetrating gazes, huge eyes, especially of the adorable looking grey Bamboo Lemur, the brown or Woolly monkeys of Columbia, the Guatemalan Black Howler, the intelligent Cebus Imitator, the Panamanian white-throated Capuchin monkey and Old World black Sub-nosed monkeys found in a remote corner of China and Tibet, rarely photographed until now. There is a spectacular image of a Proboscis monkey jumping between trees, flaunting his sexual organs as well of course as his bulbous long nose. The Cambodian Red-shanked Douc surpasses all other primates as far as colourfulness and elegance with red legs, white arms, black hands, grey belly, red collar, white beard, brown hair, cream chin and yellow face. Hundreds of colour photographs. 240pp, 10" x 12", nearly 500 different species.
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