ART OF PLAYING CARDS: Over 100 Games, Tricks

ART OF PLAYING CARDS: Over 100 Games, Tricks

ROB BEATTIE    Book Number: 86433    Product format: Hardback

Canasta, Klondike, Concentration, Cribbage, Knockout Whist, Piquet, Six Bid Solo, Old Maid, Pontoon, Pig, Bezique, Poker, Slap Jack, Rummy, Go Fish!, Chase the Ace, and with their variations, these are just some of the 40 plus games before we look at skills and tricks, shuffles, cuts, ribbon spreads, flourishes and fans, forces, finger lifts, double lifts. They're all here, explained in simple step-by-step fashion that makes it easy for anyone to pick them up. The book concentrates on tricks that are easy and approachable. Much of the beauty of card games is that they vary so much and they have included plenty of tips for trying something a bit different. Play, master and perform over 100 games and learn tactics on how to beat your opponents and the secrets of performing simple sleights of hand and working them into easy-to-learn yet impressive tricks. 192 heavy quality black pages with golden line art illustrations with red and white playing card touches.
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