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Kenneth Baker, Lord Baker of Dorking CH, dissects the sins Pride, Anger, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony and Lust using illustrations that range from Medieval manuscripts and Picasso, to cartoons from artists such as Gillray, Rowlandson, Bateman, Eric Gill and Peter Brookes. Through this book, you will see the many sides of sins, not simply the religious beliefs but the later echoes of these sins in our society whether that is anger, analysed first in the legal penalties on anger during Ethelberht, King of Kent, (589-616) with those who strike blows being fined 30 sceattas if the blows are black outside the clothing, and 20 sceattas per bruise if inside the clothing, but also in the violence we see today in groups such as Boko Haram and ISIS. The collection employs literature to illustrate the ideas of the sins, such as Sloth, which uses Alfred, Lord Tennyson's The Song of the Lotus-Eater accompanied by Genie Melisande's illustration of The Lotus-Eaters, Pride which uses extracts of Lucifer's narrative in John Milton's Paradise Lost, and Gluttony's inclusion of an extract from Barry Macsweeney's The Book of Demons. The illustrations within this collection celebrate the many faces, and interpretations, of the seven deadly sins whether that includes E. J. Bellocq's 1912 Storyville Portrait from the New Orleans Red-Light District, Gustav Klimt's The Kiss from 1907-8, and Pablo Picasso's Reclining Nude and Picasso Sitting from 1902 in the section on Lust, or the statue of Harlequin by J. J. Kändler in 1740, Panorama (Down with Liebknecht) by George Grosz in 1919, and Ignorance and Want by John Leech in 1843 for the section depicting Avarice. Discover the different perspectives on sin, ranging from Dante Aghlieri's Divine Comedy, The Inferno, Canto VI in which Dante encounters the Gluttons led by Ciacco who wastes for his sins of Gluttony in 'the rain's wrack'. Baker studies how the idea of Hell itself reaches beyond Christianity, with East Asian and Buddhist mythology including Yanluo, a wrathful God who judges the dead and presides over Hell, while in Hinduism, the God of the dead is Yama. An expression of the presence of sins across all medias. 9½" x 10½", colour images, 238pp
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