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Sub-titled 'Adventures Up and Down the World's Family Tree' here is an incredibly moving and funny quest to build the biggest family tree in history. A. J. Jacobs received a strange e-mail: 'You don't know me, but I'm your eighth cousin. And we have over 80,000 relatives of yours in our database.' In an era of us-versus-them thinking, this book is an hilarious, heartfelt and profound exploration of all that binds us - where family begins, how far it goes, and the science that is revolutionising the way we think about ethnicity, history and the human species. The author had a fascinating, exhilarating and occasionally frustrating experience as he met cousins from seven continents, Antarctica included, had a beer with a US president, learned about secrets and heartbreaks of great, great, great grandparents, sung in the Mormon Tabernacle choir, had every nucleotide of his DNA decoded and found genetic links to Hollywood actresses and Chicago scoundrels. Along the way he had his world view transformed, and so shall we in his adventurous company. The astonishing discoveries he makes not only reveal the compelling possibilities of genealogical and genetic research but remind us of the common bonds that unite us as a single global family. 336pp in paperback, photos.
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