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'The question remains why generation after generation, of never more than a few million human beings, of differing ambitions, appearances, allegiances and locations, have been labelled 'Bloody Jews' and lumped together as 'The Enemy' in so many programmes for salvation - religious and social - in this world and the next.' The answer is that in Christian scripture and mythology the so-called Chosen Race were responsible for the death of the Son of God and deemed to be ejected forever from divine favour. As a result, not the Messiah, but damnation was coming for them. Hitler led Europe on what might be described as 'the Last Crusade'. 'Now with the arrogance of Israel and 'the Zionists', it is the pious hope of Muslim fanatics, most television networks, the Guardian and other agencies of virtue that the world's greatest and incorrigible troublemakers will soon be taught a conclusive lesson. Israel has become the Judas state.' From literary portrayals of 'the Jew' as biblical traitor, or Dickensian villain, to the very real atrocities of the Holocaust and the conflicts of Israel and Palestine, the plight of the Jewish people throughout history has been as violent and volatile as the animosity towards the religion itself. In this powerful polemic, acclaimed writer Frederic Raphael explores the origin, rise and impact of anti-Jewish feeling and how we can respond to those eager to complete the mission Hitler began. He concludes that not only has Judaism survived, but the genius and determination of its people have flourished. 156pp.
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