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From the well respected Battleground Europe series by Pen & Sword military books, this title joins over 100 previously published titles in the series. They are well written and highly illustrated guides which not only bring the battlefields alive for visitors, but inform and entertain readers. The Atlantic Wall was Hitler's infamous but ill-planned barrier between the Allies and Nazi-occupied mainland Europe. Intended to be impenetrable but fatally flawed, its relative inflexibility and very magnitude was to ultimately prove its Achilles heel. It was designed to protect acquired German interests along more than 5000km of coastline facing the North Atlantic. That included the coastlines of Norway, Denmark, Germany itself, the Netherlands, Belgium and France, and incorporated the tip of the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the North Sea, the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay. The wall in France alone was to cost the German taxpayer approximately 5.5 billion Euros in today's money. Hitler was proud of his Festung Europa, a line of concrete defences from Norway to Spain. There are rare photographs throughout the text of Kriegsmarine officers, 1944, assault teams, minesweeping, prisoners of war, the RAD and facilities in some bunkers including urinals. Superbly detailed, packed with photos, 176pp in paperback.
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