RED & WHITE: An Unquenchable Thirst for Wine

RED & WHITE: An Unquenchable Thirst for Wine

OZ CLARKE    Book Number: 86339    Product format: Hardback

We at Bibliophile have been known to enjoy the odd glass of vino from time to time, but there is certainly no greater love affair between man and wine than Oz Clarke's account of his own experience with and love for it. The beauty of this book is that it is not simply the best guide for tasting and understanding wine, but that it is also a memoir tracing Clarke's own relationship with the drink, from sneaking his parents' damson wine at the age of three (to their horror), to taking dates to the wine tasting society at Oxford University in order to combine two loves in his life. Whether he is a describing the taste of wine as 'the soft smell of tarmac in the summer heat' (Beaujolais), 'Nivea hand cream' (French Gewürztraminer), 'cat's pee or raw gooseberries' (French Sauvignon Blanc), and 'oatmeal and the smell of cat pee (again!) after eating a Vitamin B tablet' (White Burgundy). Whether Clarke is appearing on the black framed front page of Le Figaro for conquering the French team in a wine-tasting match, or coming up with the note 'huapai stink' in Auckland to refer to red wine made from rotting grapes which he called a 'disturbing concoction of beef soup, tarmac, malt vinegar and plums skins wrapped in a roll of surgical rubber', he seeks out every wine possible and provides a winningly honest perspective on the notes and production that definitely helps the taste buds picture the vintage. Each chapter is dedicated to different wine-producing countries, making this certainly a 'round the world in a multitude of reds and whites', and in the second section, Clarke studies each style of wine in detail, from 'Pinot Noir and Burgundy: Looking for the Holy Grail' and 'Syrah-Shiraz: A French-Aussie score draw', to 'Riesling and the Germanics: The wine gurus' darlings' and 'Fizz: Why Champagne and England reign supreme'. Clarke incorporates a collection of brilliant images such as a famous JAK cartoon celebrating the English wine-tasting team's win against the French in Paris, maps of wine-producing regions including Canada, New Zealand, and China, photos from Clarke's own life with events such as his performance General Perón in Evita at the Prince Edward Theatre, or having Merlot grapes rubbed on his skin as they play a crucial role in the vinothérapie at the Sources de Caudalie at Château Smith Haut Lafitte. From 'the most famous nose in Australia' Max Shubert and Piero Antinori, to Angelo Gaja and Peter Hall. Put your feet up and sink into this stunning love story dedicated to wine. Colour images, list of favourite wines and in-depth glossary, 646pp.
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