IMPOSSIBLE ZOO: An Encyclopedia of Fabulous Beasts

IMPOSSIBLE ZOO: An Encyclopedia of Fabulous Beasts

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The crocodile is no less amazing than the dragon. The eagle is no less amazing than the griffin. Man has always looked in wonder at the natural world since the time of Pliny the Elder, born 23CE, who wrote his last work The Naturalis Historia, a monumental encyclopedia in 37 books and who died under ash in Pompeii. The book is a biology of the supernatural, a world of mermaids and unicorns but also the sea serpents of Scottish folklore the Stoorworm, to the Australian ape-like monster Yahoo, the Devonian Yeth Hound and the medieval Yale, a hippopotamus-sized creature with an elephant's tail and the head of a boar with independently moving horns, pictured on page 237. There are magnificent woodcuts and illustrations throughout this extensive A-Z of hundreds of creatures including Hercules and the Cretan Bull (1731) and some of fake creatures like the 'mermaid' of 1923, a horned hare, the Manticore, a man eating monster of India with three rows of teeth set in its head, and the charmingly named night-hawk, nixie and water-horse. For each there is a summary with alternative names, regions and references. 256pp in illustrated large softback, bibliography.
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