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This extraordinary book includes an audio DVD of a never-before-released interview with John Lennon. On 26th May 1969, 14 year old Jerry Levitan snuck into John and Yoko Ono's Toronto hotel room one day before their 'bed-in' for peace in Montreal. What followed was a life-changing interview and how that one day with John Lennon changed Jerry's life forever. "I remember fondly, how young Jerry came to us and did the interview, when so many journalists were trying to speak to us. He was not only brave but very clear and intelligent. Both John and I thought it was a very pleasant experience." - Yoko Ono. Even during controversy, this young fan was behind his heroes The Beatles all the way and the explosive comment "We're more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which will go first - rock and roll or Christianity" led to death threats when it exploded in the States. It frightened The Beatles and their handlers and John was pressurised to hold a press conference to explain himself on August 11th 1966. The Beatles' own record label logo Apple appeared in 1968 and all their personal horizons expanded - drugs, meditation, exposure to other musicians and so did their music. At the time of the interview, Lennon was in an exciting romp of experimentation, fun, tenderness and insanity. The young fan was emboldened by his new role as press man and had even taken pictures of Jerry Lewis but it was his Beatles albums which got played to death. John and Yoko made their honeymoon a media event and John was intellectually egged on and inspired by his wife, free to talk about politics, war and peace and understanding the power of rock music for an altruistic purpose. Borrowing his sister's Kodak Brownie with his Two Virgins album and a small pad of paper and a pen, Jerry arrived at the King Edward Hotel. For over an hour he watched the couple holding each other lovingly and close, and remembers thinking how beautiful Yoko was and that photos had not done her justice. Remarkably they both signed his album cover! Listen for yourself to the recording with questions like "John, could you please tell us what the situation is with you and your entry into the United States?" and "What about Paul, Ringo, and what's his name..." plus all about the film they produced The Rape and even that the Bee Gees are OK, you know! Very relaxed, and utterly memorable. Beautifully produced on black paper with 24 very special photographs. 166pp, plus audio DVD disc.
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