CAN I EAT THAT? A Nutritional Guide Through the Maze

CAN I EAT THAT? A Nutritional Guide Through the Maze

JENEFER ROBERTS    Book Number: 86200    Product format: Paperback

Faced with her husband's Type-2 Diabetes diagnosis, the author simply had no idea what food to put on the table. At first she thought that substituting fruit for pizza would do the job, but her husband's blood sugar remained the same. Gradually she learned the secrets of the Glycaemic Index, the marker which tells you how effectively the body can process foods. Following a section analysing the GI of different types of food and explaining such terms as micronutrients and trans-foods, Roberts goes on to discuss the debates around saturated and unsaturated fats and soluble and insoluble fibre. Some unexpected facts emerge, for instance that boiled carrots have a much higher GI than raw. Vegetables in general are the best foods for a diabetic, with kale out in front as a health-boosting dish, and broccoli, cabbage and tomatoes among a dozen others highly recommended. Sausages have a bad reputation but the ones with high meat content are not too bad, especially when served with lentils and beans. The author discusses the pros and cons of controversial foods such as walnuts and almonds, the saturated fat in coconuts and the uncertainty surrounding alcohol. Finally the book concludes with healthy recipes including Spicy Lamb Casserole, Pepperpot Beef, and, to delight pudding-lovers, Chocolate Pots and Cranachan. 214pp, paperback.
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