PIANO SONATAS BOOK 1 : Urtext Performing Edition

PIANO SONATAS BOOK 1 : Urtext Performing Edition

LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN    Book Number: 86183    Product format: Paperback

Beethoven (1770-1827) was a true giant in the history of Western music who looked beyond the boundaries of the 18th century Classical style, ushering in the Romantic movement that would grow through the 19th century and beyond, resounding with his influence. As a boy in Germany he received harsh treatment at the hands of his drunken father who had aspirations for Ludwig to emulate the child prodigy Mozart. He was secured tuition in Vienna from Haydn and came to view his teacher as an equal or even rival, and the relationship lasted little longer than a year. Before the age of 30 he had noticed the onset of deafness and eventually came to accept that music was to be his salvation. In the 200 years since composition, Beethoven's music has never lost its place in the concert repertoire across the globe. To this day, the piano sonatas bridge the gap between the domestic and concert performance, speaking to audiences, as to amateur and professional musicians alike with their solemnity, humour and passion. The Kevin Mayhew Urtext Edition divides the 32 sonatas into three volumes chronologically by opus number, reflecting the years of original publication. A Thematic Index is provided at the front of each volume and editorial additions to the original text are shown in brackets. We are thrilled that these 2004 first edition outsize softback set of three volumes have fallen into Bibliophile's hands, to be discounted for the very first time. Volume one opens Sonata in F Minor Op. 2 No.1 and ends Sonata in B Flat Op. 22. 187 pages, softback with binding that lies flat on the piano stand.
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