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A point of pilgrimage for archaeologists, mystics, astronomers, tourists, artists, and poets, Stonehenge has been imagined in many different ways. Christopher Chippindale's book uses ideas and insight from the latest field research to uncover the mystery behind this 4,000 year-old monument. The meaning of this mysterious place is discussed in great detail, whether that is the idea of Stonehenge as a place of healing, or, as a place of the dead with another monument, over the horizon, believed to be a place of the living with woodland, houses and paved ways. 'What is Stonehenge?' is answered during the rule of Elizabeth I through man's reconstruction of history through study of topography, followed by 'What kind of men built the monument?' answered during Victoria's reign, and 'When?' answered during Elizabeth II's lifetime. This 'why' is explored thoroughly, ranging from literary explanations such as Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain which features the wars in Ireland where Utherpendragon attempted to return the stones to England but Merlin intervened and placed the stones on ships and assembling them at the British sepulchre in the same way that they stood in Ireland, to the New Stonehenge astronomy of the 1960s when amateur astronomer 'Peter' Newham discovered a lunar alignment where lines formed by the long sides of the Station Stone quadrilateral indicated moonrise and moonset at the major stand still, while Professor Gerald Hawkins introduced the idea of the 'Neolithic computer' which used the Aubrey holes as a tally to predict eclipses of the moon. Added to this historical commentary is an assortment of accounts about the conflicts at Stonehenge, such as 'The Battle of the Beanfield' where no festival occurred at Stonehenge in 1985, and a summer following this which includes amusing details such as the strong smell of aftershave after a Druid procession, the intervention of St John Ambulance Brigade amidst the flood of festival's mantras, christenings and weddings on account of someone giving birth, and the brandishing of long-bronze horns raised at dawn that may in fact be Tibetan. This companion includes brilliant images and a particular highlight among the many artists is the inclusion of John Constable's sketches of Stonehenge, specifically three interpretations: the original sketch from 1820, one in studio years later, and one of the two preliminary watercolours (final exhibited version is colour ill. VII). The wonder of the modern and ancient world, this monument stands tall as a fascinating piece of mankind's history. Large paperback, 286 illustrations, 13 in colour, 320pp.
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