SPLIFFS: A Celebration of Cannabis Culture

SPLIFFS: A Celebration of Cannabis Culture

NICK JONES    Book Number: 86170    Product format: Paperback

Stop hogging that joint! Skinning up, the Munchies, pipes, hot knives, homemade bongs, here is a serious and all-knowing look at the history and culture of cannabis. The wonder drug of choice over so many years, its medical properties for pain relief are well known and its origins are in ancient China around 3000BC. Spliff is a Jamaican word for a joint and here is a book about much more than just marijuana, cannabis and getting high. It's the story of a culture and a colourful trip celebrating the versatility of cannabis and its influence on individuals and societies throughout history with sections on music, media and the movies, literature and comic book culture. There is a field guide to over 50 varieties of grass and hash with star ratings, their effects and a small colour photo to recognise the substance. Grasses begin with the AK-47 (this little lady is a serious smoke), Bubble Gum (a curious American indica strain), and Heaven's Gaze (a hybrid) to White Widow and Warlock Haze, 28 in total. The next pages cover hash or hashish from Afghani Black, the top grade which is becoming increasingly rare, Gold Lebanese, once a familiar sight in the West, now rarely seen other than in the more sophisticated of Amsterdam's coffee shops, Nepalese with a rich chocolatey flavour which can 'seriously mess with your mind if smoked in sufficient quantities', Caramello and Huevos, Spanish slang for Moroccan pot, Marrakesh 1 offered in the souks of Marrakesh and the blends like Moonshine 1 from Holland from AK-47, Skunk 1 and Haze. "The result is an incredibly delicious smoke whose mango and citrus tones are perfectly counterbalanced by its velvety full-on spiciness." 26 varieties. Then on to rolling spliffs like the three skin, Shiva's trident, love bud for two, sidewinder for double trouble and more. With step-by-step rolling instructions and photos. Bongs are similarly photographed and whole pieces on jazz and blues musicians like Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong who found getting high helped them lighten up and get into the swing of marathon jam sessions. The cream of the coffee shops of Amsterdam are described one by one from 300 in the city together with addresses and descriptions such as the venerable old establishment which has been a bar for more than 100 years, the De Cuil. Munchie recipes include Scooby Snacks and Sleepyhead Chocolate! A cult classic, 256pp, colour. Softback.
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