THE COLD WAR: History Files

THE COLD WAR: History Files

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An academic from the University of Liverpool describes the geopolitical contest between the US and its Allies on one side, and the Soviet Union, China and their associates on the other. The Cold War was also an ideological struggle between two political and economic systems. Crises arose and proxy conflicts occurred, sometimes resulting as in Korea and Vietnam in large-scale death tolls. In the main, confrontation took the form of a battle for hearts and minds and was conducted through propaganda campaigns in books, newspapers, radio, film and TV. With 153 illustrations, 105 in colour, here are contemporary photos, cartoons, film posters and magazine covers. There are boxes on specific themes and events and quotations from first hand accounts. A special feature are ten facsimile documents, beautifully reproduced including a Soviet poster by Kaplan and Fridkan, a membership card of the Communist Party of the USSR 1942, How to Survive an Atomic Bomb advertisement from 1951, President Truman's address to Congress March 1947, and anti-Reagan protestor's poster June 1984, a Chinese-language illustrated version of Animal Farm and a Spanish-language comic about Fidel Castro's revolution in Cuba among them. The front cover of the softback of 144 pages shows the Nagasaki atomic bomb.
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