CLARET AND CABS: The Story of Cabernet Sauvignon

CLARET AND CABS: The Story of Cabernet Sauvignon

BENJAMIN LEWIN    Book Number: 86146    Product format: Hardback

Once grown solely in Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon is today by far the world's most important black grape variety, but nobody knows for sure when or where it first arose and when it was first used to make wine. Leading biologist, Master of Wine and extensive wine author Benjamin Lewin is of the opinion that it was most likely first seen in the late Middle Ages in Bordeaux. It is not an ancient variety but it is the result of a chance cross-pollination between two ancients, the black Cabernet Franc and the white Sauvignon Blanc. These two must have been growing very close by, because grapevines are usually self-pollinating and cross-pollination is very rare. Lewin clearly enjoys his medieval grape detective work, teaching us all about the different varieties in Bordeaux and the surrounding region such as Merlot and Malbec and a host of mysterious cultivars, now long lost. The Bordeaux blend of CS with Merlot today has become the standard offering from France, but this is being challenged by wines from the New World made exclusively from CS. Here Lewin sets out to discover the true nature of this most important of grapes. His worldwide survey is packed throughout with superb photos and maps as he examines the changing nature of its blends and growing conditions, particularly relevant in an era of climate change. How do the top CS of the Napa Valley, Coonawarra or Margaret River compare to Bordeaux? What is the future for blends with Carmenere, Malbec, Merlot and Syrah? Is Bordeaux still the essential reference point or has it been usurped in its position by certain New World regions? With profiles of leading producers, tasting notes and vintage assessments. 518pp.
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