WHAT I LEARNT: What My Listeners Say

WHAT I LEARNT: What My Listeners Say

JEREMY VINE    Book Number: 86119    Product format: Hardback

Attracting more than seven million listeners, taking more than 25,000 calls, and presenting his show on Radio 2 since 2003, Jeremy Vine is a British radio host whose programme consists of news, views and interviews with live guests and popular music. Following years of success on air, Vine has compiled this collection of memories from the production of his radio show to celebrate his listeners and what their stories have meant to him. From celebrating callers' mothers turning 101, to a discussion of the game Second Life in which users can live out alternative experiences as robbers, film stars, or beach goers, Vine explains what goes on behind the scenes and the stories behind his questions. He gives readers an all-access pass to the amusing anecdotes listeners would send in which were so important in making his show relatable including the stories of David Lucas of Mildenhall, a farmer who built and exported gallows for public hangmen, the question 'have you ever been pecked in the eye by a gannet?' after a man attempted to save an injured gannet which thanked him by pecking him in the eye, or the increase in red kites which led to a mother's complaint about one stealing her daughter's muffin. However, not only are you treated to humorous anecdotes, but controversial conversations including a heated debate with a treehouse entrepreneur on whether buying treehouses was enabling absent fathers to avoid building things for their own kids, and a discussion on the threats of microscopic bugs if you swim with contact lenses. Alongside these stories, admire images that give insight into Vine's career such as when he took over Crimewatch in 2016 or his daughter met David Cameron during election graphics, as well as family photos, ranging from the different stages in his father's life, to his siblings on a beach in 1974. You will also be able to read more about Vine's experience with public figures, both planned during his interview with Nigel Farage on the £350 million costs of the EU slogan for the Leave Campaign, as well as his chance encounter with his hero Glenn Tillbrook from the band Squeeze. Celebrate what it means to be a Brit in this humorous and relevant account of Vine's extraordinary radio show. Mono images, 344pp.
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