BOOTS ON THE GROUND: Britain And Her Army Since 1945

BOOTS ON THE GROUND: Britain And Her Army Since 1945

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As Chief of General Staff, Richard Dannatt brings 40 years of military service to tell the fascinating story of how the British Army has shaped and been shaped by world events, from the Cold War to the Good Friday Agreement to the EU Referendum. Whether examining the fallout of empire in the insurgencies of Malaya, Kenya and Dhofar, the extraordinary battle for the Falklands, the long-standing conflict in Northern Ireland or Britain's relationship with NATO and the experience of fighting with all for America in Iraq and Afghanistan, Dannatt examines the complexity of a great British institution. In 2015, 70 years after German High Command surrendered to Field Marshal Montgomery, the last combat units of the British Army finally left their garrisons next to Lüneberg Heath. The book follows the British Army against the backdrop of Britain's shifting security and defence policies. From the decolonisation of India to the two interventions in Iraq and of course Northern Ireland, Britain has transformed from a leading nation with some two million troops in 1945 to fewer than 82,000 regular troops in 2016. With current tensions in the Middle East and the rise of terrorism, this situation is unlikely to change, as technology develops. The IRA, Serbian warlords, Islamist fundamentalists, Shia insurgents and the Taliban have all been enemies of Dannatt, who won a Military Cross at the age of just 22 while serving in Northern Ireland. 421pp, 33 photos, half of which are in colour.
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