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Globally, women own less and earn less than men, often in the worse and worst-regulated jobs, undertake the lionesses' share of care giving and unpaid domestic labour, and are subject to discrimination, harassment and sexual violence. Every woman navigates a world fashioned by and for men. Some pharmaceuticals fail women because they are tested on male animals to avoid having to account for hormonal cycles. Jobs traditionally performed by men attract higher wages than those held by women. Every woman lives with the constant tinnitus hum of low-level sexism. The majority of the 276 schoolgirls kidnapped by terrorists in northern Nigeria are still missing - those who escaped bearing tales of mass rape and slavery find themselves social outcasts. In Egypt, more than 90% of the country's women and girls endure female genital mutilation. Egypt is among the biggest consumers of sexual stimulants and MP protests "If we stopped circumcising we will need strong men, and we don't have those." In November 2016, US voters choose their President, a man recorded boasting of assaulting women. And yet the world is full of decent men who strive to be allies to women and the cause #SayHerName and #MeToo are flourishing. Looking at Westminster and party politics, the élites, media, Hollywood, chapters include Home Economics, Being A Man, What Really Shocks Me, Frozen Out, This Should Be Everyone's Business and Equalia Welcomes Carefree Drivers. Equalia is a gender-equal world, but what would it be like and do we really want to live there? Mayer's answers may surprise you and her discoveries shock you, but this is a book to inspire you. It was in March 2015 at London's WOW Festival that she accidently founded the Women's Equality Party and her book harnesses insights gleaned from political experience and global research with wide-ranging interviews to tackle some of the biggest questions of our age about gender equality and why women everywhere are at best second class citizens. Could towering women hold the key? Brilliant, analytical, an original book on issues and debates. 352pp.
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