INTO THE DARK: A Bomber Command Story of Combat and Survival

INTO THE DARK: A Bomber Command Story of Combat and Survival

JANET HUGHES & REGINALD WILSON    Book Number: 86073    Product format: Hardback

On 20th January 1944 Bomber Command Navigator Reginald Wilson's Halifax, LW337, comes into the sights of an ace Luftwaffe night fighter pilot and is blown from the darkness above the German capital Berlin. Reg, yet to celebrate his 21st birthday, plunges into the dark and parachutes to safety, becoming a POW. The experience of being shot down however will haunt him for the rest of his life. In July 2005 Reg embarks on a seemingly impossible quest to discover the fate of his aircraft. Undeterred by the scepticism of family, friends and military archivists, he uses the Internet and his natural aptitude for problem solving to piece together exactly what happened to the Halifax which had crashed 61 years previously. His persistence leads to the most remarkable discovery which changes his life. Without 21st century technology and the cooperation of a number of British and German highly motivated individuals, the real truth about the last flight of LW337 has been discovered. A story of courage and steely determination. 177pp, many family photos, sketches from Reg's log book of Oflag VIIB, his postcard telling his parents he was a POW, telegrams and letters and archive photos. Gripping on time in Stalag IVB, returning to civvy street and the catharsis.
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Most informative, excellent read
from Anonymous on 09/11/2019
The book is in three parts, all give a total story. Aircrew training and operations, prisoner of war camps and the search for the dead aircrew to give a proper burial.