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Kitty Hendrix complete with psychedelic bandana, needlepoint scarf surrounded by dazzling beads, Rock Goddess or what?! Licking her lips with her long pink tongue is the 1980s Prom Night Queen in a mass of pink ribbon and lace. Hummus Potter is inspired by Harry Potter wearing his Hogwarts uniform and huge round glasses and another favourite in the office has to be Frida Catlo, with that faraway look in her turquoise blue eyes - a tabby cat is dressed as the famous Mexican artist, complete with red rose atop her head. Here are queenly kitties, geishas, Wall Street business cats, punk glam, divine divas and space couture, a hipster dude and a mistress of the manor, and an ice queen who we must bow to under her regal gaze cast heavenwards. No cats were harmed in the making of this brilliant photographic collection, they were simply dressed in costumes with accessories and backgrounds designed and created by the author and his wife some of which like the Viktor & Rolf-inspired photograph on page 45 which features a couture headpiece and gown fashioned from wire, mesh, black lace, cardboard and beads. 64 pages of beautiful colour photographs of uber-fashionista kitties with quirky and sassy personalities and great style.
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ISBN 9781910552629
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