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"This is success, that was failure. Such is my verdict on my two tours of operational flying, the first carried out from England, the second from Malta...History may well ignore completely the desultory operations of the first tour, but it should tell posterity that in the summer of 1942 Malta won a significant battle, a battle which it fought in the air over sea for land; that land was Egypt." In the autumn of 1940 and the summer of 1941, the author was a Flight Commander in No.22 Beaufort Squadron of Coastal Command. This very personal story tells the author's frustrations as a Staff Officer in Cairo, then his triumph and disasters in Malta and chapters include Escape to the Desert, Settling In Sand, The First Ship is Sunk, Battleships, Curtain Up and A Convoy Comes. With map, reprint of the 2002 original, 206pp in paperback, illus.
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Good. Nicely told.
from Anonymous on 31/08/2019
Experience told of just one minor section of the second world war but gradually draws you in to this narrative. The frustrations and temporary triumphs of trying to prevent the resupply of Axis North Africa. The losses of peoples lives for so little gain is very thought provoking and sad. They should be famous.