PEBBLED SHORE: The Memoirs of Elizabeth Longford

PEBBLED SHORE: The Memoirs of Elizabeth Longford

FOREWORD BY ANTONIA FRASER    Book Number: 86023    Product format: Paperback

The celebrated historical biographer Elizabeth Longford only began her writing career in her late 50s. These fascinating memoirs cover the first 60 years of Lady Longford's eventful life, ending in 1969 with her biography of Wellington, winning the Yorkshire Post Literary Prize. Lady Antonia Fraser is Elizabeth's eldest child and she has added an affectionate portrait of the brilliant young mother she knew in the 30s, as well as briefly covering the later years of her life. Born in 1906, Elizabeth was the eldest daughter of the distinguished Harley Street doctor Nathanial Bishop Harman and his wife Katherine, niece of the statesman Joseph Chamberlain and first cousin to the future Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain. At Oxford, Elizabeth was one of the few women to be accepted into the intellectual circle led by Maurice Bowra and Hugh Gaitskell, both of whom fell in love with her. It was at Oxford that she had her first romantic glimpse of Frank Pakenham, and thus began a love story which plays a central role in this book. She recounts numerous lively anecdotes about her friends including David Cecil, John Betjeman, Evelyn Waugh, Dick Crossman and Harold Wilson, and writes about Frank's gradual conversion from Conservatism to her own socialist ideals. Her life goes through difficult religious dilemmas that finally lead to her conversion to his Catholicism, the difficult decision to give up her political career in the interests of her family, and the eventual development of her writing talents. She had realised her husband would probably lose Oxford in the 1945 General Election (he did) and she might win King's Norton (she would have). The result would have been unbearable for both. "My addiction to motherhood was now a part of me I could not deny." She had eight children at the time of her last candidature in 1950, the youngest under three. A remarkable woman. 446pp in paperback, 32 pages of photos.
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