JUNAK KING: Life as A British POW, 1941-45

JUNAK KING: Life as A British POW, 1941-45

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"In April 1939 the Conservative government had introduced conscription for twenty year olds, although it was opposed by both the Labour and the Liberal parties. Most of my contemporaries at school had volunteered for the RAF and gradually the remainder of us were called up for service." Called up in February 1940, Sydney having been evacuated from Greece, was among the 30,000 British and Commonwealth soldiers taken prisoner by the Germans at the fall of Crete in June 1941. The book documents historically important detail about their life as POWs in Germany, and encapsulates the experiences of tens of thousands of ordinary prisoners. The German airborne invasion of Crete and the surrender by the British is still the subject of controversy and Sydney gives here his own first-hand account of the event. It is an account of the day-to-day endurance of the other ranks, not the dashing officers, but mostly very young men separated from their officers and expected to do hard manual labour in working camps. With a quiet resilience and dogged determination not just to endure, but to triumph, these lads supported each other, never losing hope of eventual victory or letting an opportunity slip to make life more difficult for their captors. Chapters include Salonika, Teltow Camp 714, Stalag IIID Berlin, Lichtenfelde, Five More Stalags, Into the Woods and Onto Freedom, Back to England and Demobilisation. "Around this time we also began to see streams of refugees coming from the east, passing through Falkenberg on their journey westwards. This vividly reminded me of the Greeks I had seen fleeing from the Germans in 1941..." Political prisoners in their striped clothes, he was amazed to see at the head of the column two girls in British battledress who smiled and waved as they passed. Were they being marched towards the station at Torgau? Packed with detail and includes many illustrations and maps. Large softback, 352pp.
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