FREUD VERBATIM: Quotations and Aphorisms

FREUD VERBATIM: Quotations and Aphorisms

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The work of Sigmund Freud marked the beginning of modern psychiatry, and all newer forms of psychotherapy have either developed out of psychoanalysis or in critical opposition to it. In addition to making undisputed contributions to the fields of medicine and psychiatry, Freud, who trained as a neurologist, has also received widespread recognition for his literary talents. He wrote that his case histories read 'like novellas' and his works such as The Interpretation of Dreams, Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious demonstrate a fine sensibility for language and a timeless style that is astonishingly modern for the era. This book opens a window into his substantial oeuvre and also into his private life through numerous letters to friends and relatives. Of particular interest are those to his later wife Martha and a different side to him is revealed in letters to Wilhelm Fliess and C. G. Jung. Here his humorous, cynical and vulnerable nature becomes transparent when the subject turns to his professional success, thirst for power and political calculation. In presenting his theories on the human soul, Freud created the now-commonly used terms ego, super-ego and id. Here is an invaluable collection of his quotes, maxims, prophecies, warnings and witticisms in one handsomely designed volume. Ten thematically arranged chapters ranging from 'The Man in Private Life' and 'Society and Culture' to 'Eros and Sexuality' and 'Cult and Religion'. "Hardly has the wish for a change been granted when one regrets its fulfilment." "It is not easy to treat feelings scientifically." "The chief patient I am preoccupied with is myself." 176pp, illus.
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