THE COMMANDANT: The Rudolf Hoess Text

THE COMMANDANT: The Rudolf Hoess Text

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In his own words, a vivid, horrific and unflinching look into the mind of the Auschwitz Commandant. While awaiting execution after the war, Rudolf Hoess, the reviled SS Commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp, wrote a lengthy account of his life and what some might call his "approaches to management". Amoral, self-serving and utterly without remorse, his words are still almost beyond belief today. The memoir is distilled into an illuminating new work, a chilling insight into Hitler's Final Solution and the nature of evil itself. In his own words: "May the general public go on seeing me as the bloodthirsty beast, the cruel sadist, the murderer of millions." "During my earlier interrogations I have the number of 2.5 million Jews who arrived at Auschwitz to be exterminated. This figure was given to me by Eichmann." Ian Buruma's incisive afterword sets the text in a broader moral and historical context. 112pp.
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