CAESAR: The Life of a Colossus

CAESAR: The Life of a Colossus

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Caius Julius Caesar - Politician. General. Historian. Soldier. Lover. Adrian Goldsworthy explores the life of this ancient political titan and identifies his place in the ancient Mediterranean world, whether that is his leadership of men, seduction of women, or place in one of the greatest civilisations. Split into three sections (The Rise to the Consulship, Proconsul, and Civil War and Dictatorship), Caesar's life is traced from his cognomina 'Caesar' that identified him as a member of the Patricians, the oldest aristocratic group, to the slogans of 'veni, vidi, vici' surrounding him when he became leader. A man not able to shy away from violence with 1,192,000 enemies killed, as recorded by Pliny, during his campaigns, Goldsworthy explores his rise to power as well as studying how his violent demise came about during the infamous Ides of March, with conspirators seeking his removal solely to liberate the Republic and avoid the murder of anyone else. Along with Pliny, other public figures in Roman society are explored in relation to Caesar including Cicero, the only other man aside from Caesar to be called 'Father of his Country' after exposing the Catilinarian conspiracy, and Cleopatra who was accommodated by Caesar in Rome perhaps to keep her close as ruler of Egypt, but also in order to continue their affair - she later named her child Caesarion after Caesar to honour the Roman leader. Read how he relished wearing the laurel wreath that accompanied his regal reddish-purple toga on account of his growing baldness, and owned 5,000 fighters in gladiatorial school in 49BC at Capua to, as any natural showman would do, ensure the games would be 'something special'. Caesar's impressive political career is also mapped out from his early days in the senate where he chose to play a conspicuous role in debate, standing alone rather than merging with the crowd, specifically against the use of the death penalty on prisoners. Including photos such as his iconic bust from Tusculum in Turin, and a portrait made from green slate in Egypt dated to almost the first century AD, and detailed maps illustrating iconic events in Caesar's life such as Battles of Bibracte, Sambre and Thapsus, and the coastline of Britain and Gaul, you will understand every facet of this charismatic leader. An extraordinary and now-classic biography. Mono photos and illustrations, 696pp.
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