WARSHIP ANNE: An Illustrated History

WARSHIP ANNE: An Illustrated History

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A few miles to the east of Hastings, on the beach at Pett Level, lies the wreck of the warship Anne, and just a few times a year, at very low tides, it is possible to see her outline and some of her timbers. She was lost in 1690 after the Battle of Beachy Head when she was defending the country from a French invasion. Charles II wanted to make his Navy the most powerful in the world, and so commissioned a fleet of 30 new ships at the end of the Dutch Wars. Anne was one of the fleet, built in Chatham in 1678. This fascinating, beautifully illustrated large history book tells the story of the Anne against the historical background, Samuel Pepys and Parliament, Phineas Pett's design, the Popish Plot and the Glorious Revolution. After construction she was moored with other ships in the Medway near the dockyard, as at the time there were no battles to be fought. Her small crew proved negligent, meaning that by 1681 she needed repairs to rotting timbers. A few years later, Anne was part of a squadron stationed in the Mediterranean for the protection of trade and to deter Barbary pirates, captained by Cloudesley Shovel. It wasn't until twelve years after her launch that she finally went into battle, under the command of John Tyrell. 'Over the course of the next hour or two the Anne was slowly shot to pieces by the many opponents near her. The main mast, bowsprit and mizzen were all shattered to pieces. The carnage amongst her men was equally appalling.' Over 100 men were killed or wounded. Later, it was decided to take Anne as close as possible to the shore, but when he saw the French fire ships approach, Captain Tyrell sadly set fire to her so they could not claim a victory. It is hoped that one day it might be possible to retrieve the Anne from the sands, just as the Mary Rose was raised in the 1980s, so that her guns and hull can be properly preserved and future plans and the environment considered. 160pp. Colour illus, dozens of maps and diagrams. A visual treat in a glossy Conway publication. 10" square.
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