LUSITANIA STORY: The Atrocity that Shocked the World

LUSITANIA STORY: The Atrocity that Shocked the World

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Unlike most other books on the subject of the opulent passenger liner Lusitania, which was sunk by a German submarine in 1915, this also researches the liner's beginnings, her innovative advances in maritime engineering and the fabulous interior décor. 'Everyone knew of her, for she and her sister ship, RMS Mauretania, were the pride of the Cunard Line, and supreme proof, if proof were needed, that Britannia, through her Royal and Merchant fleets, did indeed rule the waves.' The liner had four funnels and the interior was decorated in a range of classical styles, using marble, mahogany, silk and stained glass. The maiden voyage, to New York, took place in September 1907. She completed 201 transatlantic voyages before the fatal one in May 1915. It began with uneasiness due to a warning notice from the German Embassy, as well as the discovery of three Germans with a camera, presumably attempting to obtain evidence that the Lusitania was armed. As the liner neared Ireland there were reports of submarine activity in the area, and on the 7th of May, at 2.10 pm, a torpedo struck the liner. It was mayhem. The ship rapidly listed to one side, most lifeboats couldn't be properly launched meaning occupants were maimed against the ship's sides. Additionally people were trapped between decks. Only six lifeboats, from 48, were afloat. 1,201 people were killed out of a total of 1,962. The vessel sank in just 18 minutes. The question remains - was the ship a legitimate target? Updated centenary edition of an account first published in 2002. Lists of passengers and crew are included. Softback. B/w illus.
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